DIY is big, especially in the kitchen. We’ve recently seen the BrewBot, a device that lets you brew your own beer at home. In a similar vein comes BrewNanny, a device that supervises the fermentation rate, temperature, light, pressure and CO2, and will immediately alert you via Wifi transmitter if something is going wrong with your batch of beer. You even get notified if the power goes out in your home!

With BrewNanny you have the tools to control quality, just like the pros. But you are not brewing on autopilot here, you are still in charge and brew exactly the way you want. But now with the BrewNanny Control Console you have an unprecedented amount of information about your brew, from when you pitch to when you bottle or keg so you can make the right decisions.


But that’s not all. BrewNanny is more than just a product. Not only does BrewNanny connect brewers to their brew, BrewNanny let’s home brewers connect to each other… literally. And that is where things get really interesting.

BrewNanny have various available options. The BrewNanny base version is an entry level device that is suitable for the beginner or occasional home brewer. It monitors your brew just like the more advanced versions and sends notifications and alerts in the same way.

If you are a hard core brewer that brews a lot and like to experiment then BrewNanny Pro version is for you. Or if you are a programmer, maker or a generally inquisitive tech savvy kind of guy.

This is another example that suggests consumers are keen to take control of the production process themselves, and are taking advantage of the fact that we now have the technology to do just that.


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