living food

This project explores new culinary experiences through developments in synthetic biology, and finds its lineage in haute cuisine and molecular gastronomy.

The food behaves like a living creature entertaining us through an empathetic connection – what if food became alive like a fictional character? What if food was able to play with our cutlery and create hyper-sensations in our mouth? Synthetic biotech has already started to create artificial life in organic forms, breathing life into artificial digestible forms is not merely a fantasy.

This approach proposes a future dining experience where food takes a life-form. In a material way, the experiment could is designed into the life-like food to see how would it affect our dining experience. For further information please contact

living food

The image illustrates how our sensory organ recognises the life-form food. Tongue has the most sensitive tactile fibers on the tip and front of it – position 1 and 2. The roof of mouth shows the most intensive reaction on the centre of it – position 10 and 11, and it gradually reduces to outside showing an oval pattern

living food

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