Kkis unique ice cream and canapés presentation

Kkis is brought to you by Yorb Design and is sweet like a kiss. An innovative design which brings a refreshment to any buffet or table presentation.
Kkis is the first ice cream canapé or presentation of its kind. Use it for dessert or for sorbet or for amuse bouches at the beginning of the meal and placed on the middle of the table, the options are endless. You can purchase the product from YORB DESIGN which is the upcoming tableware manufacturer to watch for when it comes to innovative and one of a kind products!

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4 comments on "Kkis unique ice cream and canapés presentation"

  1. Dear Mr./ Ms.,

    This is send The Mira Hong Kong, after we search on your web site. We are really interesting for the product ofKkis unique ice cream and canapés presentation. we would like to know more about, can you please send us some information and the unit rate to us for reference?

    I am looking forward to recieve your reply soon, thanks

    Pinky Lau

  2. David Reusche on

    Patrick – Is there a USA distributor as well?


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