Electromagnetic laser cutting

A conceptual design submitted to this year’s James Dyson Award–a competition for young designers to come up with problem-solving inventions–would have cooks placing food in a spherical pod to be cut into custom segments using lasers. Andrey Kokorin, the concept’s author, wanted to solve for unsanitary kitchen knives as vectors for disease.

Laser device BLITZ is simply to use and operate. Just place the product in a plate-holder and attach to the device. Then select the required command using the projected menu: type of product (meat, vegetables, mushrooms), the type of cut (spiral, dice, slice), the thickness of cutting in millimetres or division of a product into shares to identical weight.

A plate-holder after cutting reasonably is washed under running water by hand or in the dishwasher. Was selected a fundamentally new motor layout, a internal layout of components and moving parts. The work of the internal design is realized by the electromagnets which located at the perimeter of a spherical part of the case and electromagnets rings rotation. Electromagnets are located by strips to amplification of electromagnetic in the device case and are equipped with LEDs to visualize the process of cutting.

The basic problems of modern devices for cutting of foodstuff are: – noise, – difficult and unsafe sanitary processing of cutting elements, – fast wear of cutting elements, – the mechanical way of cutting is assumes a chaotically cutting of a product, the limited kind of the form of cut parts of a product, – great number of additional elements, – the problem of elements storage of the device and their drying.


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  1. I really do not have a problem with new technology, but cannot help but wonder about the future of young chefs. When we eventually run out of electricity, will they be able to cook, dice and slice???

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