Flamenca LED table light

Flamenca is a new original ambient LED light for the table.

Inspired by the breathtaking movement of Flamenco dancer’s ruffled skirt twirling around in the air, the Flamenca is an ambient light which captures the playfulness of this true essence.

With a gentle touch on the metallic-like plate, the Flamenca echoes you with the “dancing mode” which creates a soft flowing effect. Pressing and holding on the plate, you may pause at any illumination you want and hold to turn off. The design is an exciting combination of bicolor acrylics and curvy shape that achieves dreamy and bewitching lighting effect. Designed for three fabulous colors, Flamenca is suitable for decorating in multiple lifestyle scenes, including the dinning table, cafe or lounge setting.

Flamenca is designed by Qis and powered by the AC adapter, or with the battery via USB, and should be available in green, pink, and orange.


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2 comments on "Flamenca LED table light"

  1. chandran narayanan on

    hi may i know the price for this ( per no.)??


    be well


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