Sweet Alchemy Pastry Shop

A pastry shop in Athens looking mysterious adds extra flavour to sweet treats.
According to principal architect Kois Stelios, the Sweet Alchemy shop design was inspired by ancient mysticism practiced in laboratories to uncover the powers of rare crystals and potions.
‘The space is characterized by the high degree of transparency which was manipulated in order to diffuse the light and filter the optic penetration,’ Stelios says. ‘The role of light was highly regarded and thoroughly studied to create a unique solution for the location and user. Light and shadow change throughout the day, giving the space a unique atmosphere every moment.’
Spanning just 96-sq-m, the space is divided by grid-like shelving in iron, bronze, copper and wood. Materials were left in their natural to create a raw aesthetic. The façade is covered with a golden layer, creating the illusion of a golden cage that contains a precious, rare commodity.

Sweet Alchemy exudes a richness in materials and ingredients that’s rarely seen. There are so many natural materials used– including copper, granite, wood and mixed metals.

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  1. amazing pictures , where is the shop and what is there web side

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