iPhone Sensors Test If Your Food is Really Organic




Expected for release in september of 2012, lapka, a personal monitor will connect with your iPhone through its headphone  jack to measure, collect and analyze data about unknown substances within a user’s environment. using highly sensitive sensors, the device is able to detect otherwise invisible particles, ions, molecules and wavelengths for discovering potential chemical or radiation threats within a living environment. along with quantifying the amount of radiation and number of electromagnetic fields within a space, ‘lapka‘ will also inspect for significant quantities of nitrates in raw foods and drinking water caused by contamination of synthetic fertilizers, making it easier to understand whether food is organic or not.

lapka‘ does it so beautifully, with a mix of plastic and wood components. Aesthetics were considered down to the circuit boards, which are also matching in white.

A free downloadable visual interactive app reveals highly accurate information about the radioactivity nearby, with a detailed explanation of whether the substance may be causing harm and its ultimate effects. temperature and relative humidity is also measured by combining and comparing data with levels that are considered safe, creating awareness for promoting living within healthier surroundings.

Regardless of whether you’re simply curious to discover unseen details about your environment, or you specifically aim to improve your quality of life — the ability to see precise measurements and the beautiful visualizations of what lies beyond our perception is inspiring and addictive. Lapka lets you collect snapshots throughout your day in order to create a comfort diary, or share them with the rest of the planet. See the smallest details that shape your world in order to learn about, respond to and play with them.



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