djukebox® revolutionary hi-fi system

No matter if luxury restaurant or pub, cocktail bar or lobby, waiting room or reception area: The music will be taken care by  the revolutionary djukebox.380.

Put it on the wall like a picture and connect it like a CD-player with your hi-fi system and the djukebox will provide you with the latest titles from your PC or from the unique Radio.fx Hosting Service 365 days a year: Wether Jazz or Lounge, Rock, Pop, House or Disco: The djukebox plays exactly the music which you define.

The crystal clear display and the revolutionary control via touch and gestures makes it a real pleasure to browse through the music collections. Even for your guests, customers or visitors: The djukebox.380 is stylish, easy to use and tough and perfectly designed for using it in public areas. For Purchase enquiries please contact

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