Coffee Intelligentsia

Inspired by the perfect shot of espresso, D4D set out to find the tastemakers that break through our daily clutter with beautiful bits of perfection. They started with our friends at Intelligentsia Coffee, whose passion for every step of the coffee brewing process became the story of the first three episodes of this branded content series.

Created to generate a conversation within a core audience of coffee obsessives and artisanal culturistas, the series also aims to inspire a new generation of coffee lovers with its honest lens into the process. Tastemakers launched online, is showcased on Intelligentsia’s website and iPhone app, and was seeded on culture and coffee blogs, garnering a passionate response from lovers, haters, newbies and Italians.

Each episode is equal parts How-To, Culinary Documentary and intimate character profile. The development of the signature visual style, of which the object of the perfection’s obsession is in color while the rest of the world remains in black and white, aims to give the audience a special glimpse into our main character’s mind’s eye.


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