Dopper Water Bottle


The Dopper Water Bottle features a clever design feature with a two part lid. Unscrew the first part to drink straight from the bottle; or remove both parts and you have a drinking cup. The versatile Dopper is perfect for the gyms and the outdoor.

The water bottle is BPA free, contains no harmful substances and has a food approved hallmark. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. By using a bottle that can be re-used again and again you’ll be helping the environment by reducing plastic waste. In addition, each purchase of the Dopper helps to support the SIMAVI organisation, contributing to drinking-water projects in the poorest countries on the planet.

Materials: ABS (the white part) Polypropylene (the blue part), partly from recycled material.
Dishwasher safe: put the white mug (without cap) in the upper part of the dishwasher, the cap in the cutlery basket and bottle in the lower part.
Dimensions: H 23cm and volume is nearly half a litre.



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