The PT4 Display for room amenities

The PT4 Petit Fours Display is made from vacuum formed Birch plywood petals with a laser cut Birch plywood base. It is finished in gloss white food-grade epoxy with a sterling silver collar. The PT4 succeeds through a clever use of materials and a design that imbues the product with a sense of nature. A great way of displaying in room amenities. (Dimensions:150mm W x 150mm D x 200mm H)

For further information and purchase enquiries please contact directly Steeve Watson

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37 comments on "The PT4 Display for room amenities"

  1. Could you please provide me the quotation?

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    Please send me more information and prices.
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  11. Peter Pfister on

    Please send more information like pricing.

    • At the end of the article you will find contact info of the designer who will be able to assist you with enquiries

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    Looks great. Could you please send me the additional information.

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