A brilliant way to serve chilled ice creams, soups, bites and cocktails

These beautiful glasses are a very clever way of serving chilled bites or creative cocktails. Ice gets popped into the bottom section and the delectable cocktail of food of your choice gets poured into the top section. The ice does its job of chilling the drink without dilution. Simply perfect! Fine bone china and glass. Dishwasher proof. Also brilliant for icecream, chilled soups, sorbets …

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20 comments on "A brilliant way to serve chilled ice creams, soups, bites ..."

  1. Where is it available in Mumbai India. Can you please share or get me directly connected to the concerned person.

    Thanks and regards

  2. Hi, would also like to know who the supplier is?


  3. pse advise if it is available in south africa?

  4. Hello,

    How is the manufacturer??



  5. hafiz razali on

    Hi there,

    May you send me the details?

  6. i was wondering if it would be possible to get all the details and prices

    thank you

    best regards

  7. Can you please send me the supplier details.
    Thank you

  8. Hi,
    I’m very interested by this product and would like to implement it in France. Could you send me all details.
    Many thanks

  9. Mohib Farooqui on

    Please advise where I can get these in India?

  10. Yudhistira Angga Tirta on

    Hi can i get the detail of supplier and wondering if this items available in Indonesia or Singapore?.thx

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