DQ Vodka ‘Life undiluted’

The vodka market is growing at an unprecedented rate. It’s an ultra-crowded and ultra-competitive segment, driven primarily by premium and super-premium products. In the last five years alone, more than 300 new vodka brands have been introduced.

DQ is made from pure Swedish winter wheat and packaged in an iconic, eye catching bottle with unique ingredients. What’s more, the majority of vodka brands look and sound the same – trading on style, luxury and ever-escalating distillation claims.

‘Life undiluted’ speaks to an emerging group of consumers who are tired of being told what to do, how to act, or what luxury looks like. These are consumers who want to live life on their own terms, undiluted by trends or the expectations of others. At the same time, ‘Life undiluted’ reflects the purity of DQ – the only Swedish winter wheat vodka undiluted with inferior grains.

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