Composite Diner

In February 2011, Konstfack and Stockholm Business Region hosted a 6-course dinner for over 150 guests featuring a 12-meter long table of food presented in all the colours of the visible spectrum, called ‘Composite Dinner’, for ‘Designboost–Telefonplan’ as a part of Stockholm Design Week. There are a few simple rules of the night: Make a combination of 3 to have in one bite; you can never have the same combination twice; but do tell other guests about your experience.

mix19 mix22 mix02

This dinner presents a stage where individual creativity morphs into collective knowledge creation. Like Konstfack, the dinner assimilates and distributes products of its wondrous assemblage. Konstfack aims to create an innovative interpretation of interdisciplinarity by rendering an artistic approach and design thinking to an ever widening dining discipline.
Composite Dinner is the third iteration in the Mixology series, in collaboration with Master Chef Fredrik Eriksson of Långbro Värdshus. A work of Prang Lerttaweewit, Josefin Vargö, and Anders Mellbratt of The Experience Design Group, the newest discipline represented in Konstfack’s MFA.Website
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