Stunning GRAND Illusion floating Tables

Elegant and simple like a draped tablecloth, each Illusion table is hand-made and thus unique. The  Illusion tables are completely clear while the Ice Illusion is frosted and lends itself to being lit from underneath with the Clip Light. Please note that the clip light (ES-CLIP) is not provided and needs to be purchased separately.

The table is designed to looks like a table cloth covering a table, but without the table. This amazing table of illusion is handmade with 4mm thick PMMA acrylic. It uses the structural strength of the folded acrylic to maintain its shape and can support up to 55 lbs. The magical design of this table will not only stir up conversation, it’s sure to cause head-scratch pondering and double-takes as well.

Lead time for items in stock is 2-3 days after receiving an order.  For special order items such as the Ice White GRAND Illusion, or if we are out-of-stock on the clear, lead time could be up to 12 weeks.

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16 comments on "Stunning GRAND Illusion floating Tables"

  1. I would like to get some more info- prices, minimum order etc

  2. Who should I contact for inquiry of these items for purchase

  3. Devakar chetry on

    I would like to get more info related to the product and from where will it be available

  4. I don't usually like glass tables but WOW

  5. can you please send more details of this/prices? specifications etc on
    thanks in advance.

    • Thank you for your interest Sumit. We have sent you a note with the information required. Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

  6. Andrew Curtis on

    Unbelievably classy! Please send me more details including pricing and shipping.
    Many thanks,
    Andrew Curtis
    Director of F&B Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong

  7. very interested in price point for these unique tables–could you send them to:

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  9. Sami Antoine Afif on

    Please send details/ pricing/shipping.

  10. can you please send more details of this/prices? specifications etc on ?
    Thanks in advance.

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