Cristal Room Paris by Baccarat

In the heart of the magnificent first-floor lounges, the “Cristal Room Baccarat” is a genuine living space situated in the former dining room of Marie-Laure de Noailles. Philippe Starck chose to preserve its original design while giving it a necessary touch of modernism and daringness. Meals are served in an extremely sophisticated setting of plain bricks set in wood paneling and gilts.

Baccarat has entrusted the kitchens of its Cristal Room restaurant to Guy Martin, the famous Michelin-rated chef of international repute. With David Angelot, Martin proposes refined dishes from the most simple to the most elaborate.
This extraordinary space is also available for private parties and is frequented by cosmopolitan people, worthy of the most splendid receptions given at the Hôtel de Marie-Laure de Noailles, to which modernity primarily means memory! Website

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